Kuvia näyttelyistä / Show and event pictures


💫Valmiera Latvia Dogshow 10.10-11.10.2020💫
⭐️Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choice ⭐️

BOB and CAC+GROUP 1 and BIS 3

My Beautiful girl Emily Is now also Latvian Champion.
I’m so proud of my girl and her success! 💕

Proud parents:
Cotonbrie Felicia
Carbonebianco Figaro

Thank you Judge’s; Vija Klucniece, Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari and Irina Poletaeva ☺️


⭐️Valmiera Latvia Dogshow 10.10-11.10.2020⭐️
💫Amoureux Coton’s Avice Nero Jr 💫
BOB puppy and BIS3
BOB puppy and BIS1

Nero was first time in the show ring, and that 7 month boy performed so good! Me and Cecilia are so happy for the results!😀😀😀

Proud parents:
Dad: Moetica Milionaire
Mom: Amoureux Coton’s Pleine Lune

Thank you Judge’s: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Vija Klucniece and Irina Poletaeva ☺️

Tuusniemi Group Show 20.9.2020
Leo’s girl Cira 💕
💫 Amoureux Coton’s Cotonen Gisele 💫
Ex,CQ,BB1 and BOB
Thank you Judge: Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa
Congrats Janita Määttä and thank you everything ❤️


🌟Wohoo! Leo Did It 🌟
SKKY Group Nine Speciality Dogshow in Kaivopuisto Helsinki 6.9.2020
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ( Leo) EX,CQ and BM 1 and BOS
Amoureux Coton’s Cotonen Gisele EX,CQ and BB3
Amoureux Coton’s Dimanche Kleopatra EX,CQ
Amoureux Coton’s Lottie Loraine VG
Thank you all the Owner’s Cecilia Kordelin-Hurula Heidi Strömberg and Janita Määttä 🥰
Thank you Judge: Kari Järvinen for Lovely words.

My Little girl Emily Birthday 2-years was 17.8.2020 and in the next show 20.8.2020 became FI & HU CHAMPION 🥰



Szilvásvárad INT-Dogshow 20.8-22.8.2020
🌟Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choice 🌟
20.8.2020 EX,CQ CAC+ CACIB and BOS
21.8.2020 EX,CQ CAC+ RES-CACIB BB2
22.8.2020 EX,CQ CAC+ CACIB and BOS

🌟Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel🌟
20.8.2020 EX,CQ CAC+ CACIB and BM2
21.8.2020 EX,CQ CAC+ CACIB and BOS
22.8.2020 EX CQ CAC+CACIB and BM2
Now we got New title;
🌟Hungarian Champions 🌟
Thank you Judge’s: Francesco Cochetti, Jakkel Tamas and Grof Szilvia☺️


💫WOW, What a Weekend! 💫

15.2.2020 Tallinna 8& 9 Group Show
Judge: Erwin Manders
🏆 Dimanche Coton’s Amoureux Albert
Junior BOB+ BOB and Junior CAC
🏆Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choice
Junior BOS+ BOS and Junior CAC and New
Estonian Junior Champion.
🏆Moetica Millionare Veteran BOB and CAC and
New Estonian Veteran Champion.

16.2.2020 Tallinna Winter Cub
Judge: Fabrizio la Rocca
🏆 Dimanche Coton’s Amoureux Albert
Junior BOB and Junior-CAC BM2
🏆Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar
BOB and CACIB and New International Champions
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s Emilina Choice
Junior BOS and BOS
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s Cotonen Gisele
Amoureux Coton’s BOB Breeder and BIS3😀


Hyvää Uutta Vuotta 2020⭐️

Hyvää Joulua kaikille ❤️


14.12.2019 Nordic Winner 2019, Stockholm



⭐️TLNJW-19 TLNW-19
Intermediate Class EX 3⭐️

Thank you judge Luis Pinto Teixeira


Narva Dogshow 24.11.2019
⭐️ Coton Badshah Moon Jackpot
BOB and Junior-BOB and BIS- Junior 4
⭐️Cotonbrie Felicia BOB-veteran and BB4
⭐️ Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choice Junior-CAC and BB3
Thank you Judge’s:
Breed Judge: Sviatlana Radzius
Group Judge: Peter Harsanyi. Placed in best of six dogs in the group 9
Bis Judge: Szuzsanna Balogh

Narva Dogshow 23.11.2019
⭐️Cotonbrie Felicia BOB and BOB-veteran and now She Is Estonian Veteran Champion.
⭐️Coton Badshah Moon Jackpot Junior-CAC and BOS and now he Is Estonian Junior-Champion. Also BIS 4 Junior.
⭐️Dimanche Coton’s Amoureux Albert BOB-puppy and BIS 4 Puppy
Thank you Judge: Jovica Golubovic and Bis Judge: Sviatlana Radziuk.


Dortmund Bundes Sieger 13.10.2019
Judge: Cristian Stefanescu
⭐️ Coton Badshah Moon Jackpot ⭐️
Bundes Jugend Sieger
Junior BOB and Junior-CAC
⭐️ Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ⭐️
We had a Lovely weekend in Dortmund.
Very proud of my boys 😍

⭐️Coton Badshah Moon Jackpot⭐️

Judge: Pichard Laurent
🏆 Autumn Junior Winner
Junior- CAC
Breeder: Muhammed Mansoor
Owner: Me

Dortmund Dogshow 11.10.2019/
Judge: Laurent Pichard
Coton Badshah Moon Jackpot
🏆 Autumn Junior-Winner and Junior-CAC and Junior-BOB
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel

I’m so Happy 😀

Tallinna Dogshow 21.9.-22.9.2019
🏆 Coton Badshah Moon Jackpot ( Riku )
Junior CAC and BOS BM 4 and
Junior CAC and BOB BM 2
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choice
Junior class EX and CQ BB 3
Junior class EX 1
Best Brace BIS 2🏆
Thank you Judge: Michael Papadatos and
Dimitris Antopoulus
Pic: Cecilia Kordelin-Hurula

Let’s Go Nord Dogshow Helsinki 8.9.2019
Riku( Coton Badshah Moon Jackbot )
Junior Class EX+ CQ+ BM3 and CAC.
Leo( Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel )
Champions Class EX 2+ CQ BM4
Leo didn’t want to perform in the show ring today, but chose to have his own fun and games! Still very good reviw from the judge.
Thank you Judge; Jari Partanen

Pöytyä (Kyrö) Finland. Dogshow 24.8.2019
Thank you Judge: Delerue Pedro Sanches
” He says Exelent Breed Type ”

Estonia INT Dogshow 18.8.2019
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s Etoile Eloy BOB+ CACIB
And reached a place 6 in the Group 9.
🏆Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BM 2 + RES- Cacib
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choice BB2
Amoureux Coton’s Best BREEDER.
Thank you Judge Ilva Kubasova 😍

Warm thanks to Marjut Nuutinen for taking so good care of Milo, and now it was awarded!
I am Super happy as a breeder! 😘

Estonia INT Dogshow 17.8.2019
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar BOB + CACIB
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s Etoile Eloy BM 2+
CAC RES-CACIB and New Estonia Champion.
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choice BB 2+
Junior-CAC + Junior- BOB
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s BOB-Breeder
🏆 Amoureux Coton’s BEST Brace and BIS 4
Thank you Judges Jean Paul Kerihuel Ilva Kubasova Lovely words my dogs 😍

Raisio Dogshow 11.8.2019
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB
Thank you Judge; Darko Korošec

Pori INT Dogshow 27.7.2019
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel
Thank you Judge Frode Jevne Lovely words 😍
” Masculine male of exellent type & overall impression.Lovely condition,body and coat. Typical topline. Moves balanced. Lovely temperament. Well presented. ”


15.6.2019 Turku Dogshow

Judge: Igor Selimovic

Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar BOB

Amoureux Coton’s Olivia BOS

(First time after 2 years brake return to the show )



Rauma Dogshow 19.5.2019 Judge: Catherine Rooney
Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choise BOB and CAC.
This Little girl Is 9 months. 🥰
Proud parents; mom: Cotonbrie Felicia and
Dad: Carbonebianco Figaro

Mynämäki Dogshow 18.5.2019

Judge:Jenna Leino

My Lovely girl Estelle’s dog Emily ( Amoureux Coton’s Emiliana Choice) won today and was BOB and CAC.

Group show Pöytyä 11.5.2019.
Thank you Judge: Åsa Fröding Andersson
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOS
Amoureux Coton’s Cotonen Gisele EXC.


Tampere Nord show 4.5.2019 Milo (Amoureux Coton’s Étoile Eloy) Open EX1 CQ BM3 CAC. Milo got his last CAC and now he is the new Finnish Champion! Congrats owner and handler Marjut Nuutinen!


13.4.2019 Tallinn, Estonia Group IV show Judge: Anna Dizidt
Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar BOB and New became Estonian Champion
Amoureux Coton’s Dimanche Kleopatra BB2 and CAC and New Estonian Champion!
Tallinna Winner Dog Show 14.4.2019/ Maite Gonzalbo
Amoureux Coton’s Cotonen Gisele Junior CAC and BOS and Tallinna Junior Winner and also Tallinna Winner 2019.

Congrats Owner and handler Janita Määttä!


 Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ( Leo )
Mom: Cotonbrie Felicia and Dad: Flamencoton Cloud Nine
In year 2018 Leo was Judged by 30 different Judges and 29 of them gave Leo exelent reviews and CQ. So many Judges Loved Leo very much, and that tells me Leo is very typical for the Breed and that is the main thing for me.
Leo deserves the tittle!


2018 Kennel Amoureux Coton´s was number 3 on the most successfull breeder points in Finland.

I am so happy and proud for last years success!


Wow, What a Weekend!
Both days Winter Karelia Joensuu International and Nord DogShow 2.3-3.3.2019
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel 2x BOB and Nord CAC
Amoureux Coton’s Cotonen Gisele JuniorClass EX,CQ BB4 and 2 x CAC 😀
Thank you Judge: Nils Molin.

19.1.2019 Int Dogshow Turku, Finland. (30 Coton’s.)
Judge: Tjörnborn Skaar.
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOS and CACIB.
Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar intermediate class: EX1,CQ and RES-CAC.
Amoureux Coton’s Cotonen Gisele Junior Class EX2.
Amoureux Coton’s Dimanche Kleopatra Intermediate Class: VG1.
Amoureux Coton’s BOB-Breeder and BIS 5.

Warm thank you and hugs, for all the handlers in my Breeders team!

Cecilia Kordelin-Hurula, Mika Jansson and Janita Määttä.

INT Dogshow Göteborg. Sweden. 4.1.2019
What a wonderful day for Amoureux Coton’s kennel in Sweden!
My boys, Leo ( Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ) was BOS and CACIB, had also Grufts gualition.
And Julius ( Amoureux Julius Caesar )got a CAC and res-CACIB ->CACIB. BM3.
Lyydia ( Amoureux Coton’s Dimanche Kleopatra ). had a res-CAC. BB4
Congrats to my mothers Cecilia Kordelin- Hurula beautiful Rose for BOB!
I’m so happy for the very lovely words from the judge Ligita Zake about all of my dogs and breeding work!
Helsinki Winner 2018 Dogshow 16.12.2018 Judge: Laurent Heinesche.
Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar Intermediate-class EX,CQ and BM 4 and CAC
Wonderful day for my Amoureux Coton’s kennel 8.9.2018 Parainen/Finland Dog show.
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB, GROUP 1 and BIS 1! Amoureux Coton’s Dimanche Kleopatra BOS,CAC.
Warm Thank you:
Group Judge: Zorica Blomqvist Ex Salijevic
Breed and BIS Judge: Refet Hadzic
You both made my day unforgettable!

Leo and Lyydia BOB & BOS in Parainen.

Toy Dog Special Dogshow Helsinki 26.8.2018 Judge: Wendy Van Oosten, Netherland. My Leo’s son KaaPo in his first puppy show. Well done and very great review for the boy. Thank you and congrats for handler Nelly Harik.
Tallin/Estonia 19.8.2018 Baltic Winner Dog Show. What a Great day my Amoureux Coton’s Kennel. Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB+ Cacib and Baltic Winner-18
Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar BM2 and Baltic JUNIOR Winner-18+Junior BOS
Amoureux Coton’s Dimanche Kleopatra BB 2 Baltic JUNIOR Winner-18 and JUNIOR BOB
BOB-Breeder Kennel Amoureux Coton’s
Thank you Judge: Jovica Colubovic/Serbia. ” This Breeder Group Is ” Very, very High Class ”


Helsinki Dog Show 21.7.2018

Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar ”Julius” BM 2 and CAC

Laukaa Dog Show 14.7.2018

”Milo”Amoureux Coton’s Etoile Eloy BM2 CAC

Thank you and congrats owner and handler Marjut Nuutinen.

Wonderful weekend! Lithuania, Jurbarkas dog show 7.7. 2018

”Milo”Amoureux Coton’s Etoile Eloy BM2 CAC, ”Lyydia”Amoureux Dimanche Coton’s Kleopatra Junior-CAC. ”Julius” Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar BOB and Junior CAC.

Thank you and congrats! Milos owner Marjut Nuutinen and Lyydias owner Cecilia Kordelin- Hurula.

17.6.2018 Salo Dogshow
Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB.
Judge: Rodi Hubenthal


Wonderful Day Amoureux Coton’s kennel Aura Dogshow 16.6.2018. Judge: Svetlana Kokonena Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar BOB and CAC. Also was BIG 2!! Amoureux Dimanche Coton’s Kleopatra BOS and CAC. Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel EX,CQ and BM2.. We are so Happy!


Latvia INT-Dogshow 10.6.2018. Thank you Judge: DELMAR CATHY. Great Weekend my Amoureux Coton’s Kennel: Amoureux Julius Caesar BOB LATVIAN Junior WINNER and also became Latvian Junior Champion. Amourex Coton’s Champions Lionel EX, CQ,BM 2 and CACIB and LATVIAN WINNER and also became CIB. Amoureux Dimanche Coton’s Kleopatra EX,CQ, BB 2 LATVIAN Junior WINNER and also became Latvian Junior Champion. Congrats my mum Cecilia Kordelin Hurula, Dimanche Cotton’s Rose BOS, LATVIAN WINNER and also became Latvian Champion. We are so Happy



Tallinna Dog Show -Estonian Winner 3.6.2018.

Amoureux Coton’s kennel Wonderful day! Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar EX, CQ BM 2+ Junior BOB and Estonian Junior Winner and also became Estonian Junior-Champion. Amoureux Dimanche Cotons Kleopatra EX, CQ BB 2+ Junior BOS and Estonian Junior Winner and also became Estonian Junior-Champion. Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel EX + CQ. Amoureux Coton’s kennel BOB-BREEDER


Rauma Show 27.5.2018

Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB and Amoureux Dimanche Coton’s Kleopatra BOS and CAC and Amoureux Coton’s Etoile Eloy EX, CQ, BM2 and CAC. Thank you and Big Congrats Cecilia Kordelin-Hurula and Marjut Nuutinen



Salo Dog Show 26.5.2018- Wonderful day my Amoureux Coton’s kennel. Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB and Amoureux Dimanche Coton’s Kleopatra BOS and CAC. Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar EX,CQ and RES- CAC.

Thank You Mika Jansson for handlig Leo.



Roskilde dog show 11.5.2018 Judge: Cindy Pettersson. My Beautiful young male Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar: Junior Class EX+ CQ Jun-CAC and BM5. Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel EX2 Amoureux Dimanche Coton’s Ex3. Dimanche Cottons Rose Ex3

13.5.2018 Roskilde Dog Show, Judge: Eeva Rautala. My Beautiful Juniors Amoureux Dimanche Coton’s Kleopatra BOS, Junior CAC and CAC. Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar EX,CQ Junior Cac, BM 2 and RES-Cac.Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel EX CQ


17.3.2018 Riga international dogshow.

Amoureuxcotons Claudia Preciosa. ”Saga” CAC ja CACIB. Became Latvijan and Baltic champion.

Congrats! Owner and handler Pi Aarnio



Imatra KR Dogshow. Judge: Anca Ciura. My Beautiful boys Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB and Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar EX, CQ and RES- CAC. My Lovely boy Is also in the picture, Eevert Kytöjoki


Amoureux cotons Champions Lionel ”Leo” Best winning Coton de Tulear 2017 in Finland: In second place, and best winning Junior Coton de tulear abroad in second place also. This means very much for me as a quite new Coton de tulear breeder and makes me so happy.



Wonderful day my Amoureux Coton’s kennel. Judge: Butrimova Kornelija.Amoureux Coton’s Julius Ceasar BOB and JUN-CAC. Amoureux Coton’s Dimanche Cottons Kleopatra BOS and JUN-CAC. Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso BB2 and CAC and CACIB. She Is New Latvian Champions.



Year 2018 started very good for us. Two dog shows in Tallin, Estonia.

Tallinna Dog Show 10.2.2018

Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB. Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar Jun-BOS and Jun- CAC and Amoureux Dimanche Cotton’s Kleopatra Jun-BOB and Jun-CAC. Leo Is now a New Estonian Champion and also became Baltian Champion. Amoureux Coton’s was a BOB-Breeder

Tallinna Winter Cup- Dog Show 11.2.2018

Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar Jun-BOB and Jun-CAC. Amoureux Dimanche Cotton’s Kleopatra Jun-BOS. Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BM RES-CACIB, What a succesful Weekend, and wonderfull start for the new show year 2018!


Kiitoksia kaikille ystäville ja yhteystyökumppaneille kuluneesta vuodesta, ja oikein hyvää Uutta Vuotta 2018 kaikille!
Kiitoksia kaikille ystäville ja yhteystyökumppaneille kuluneesta vuodesta, vuosi on ollut mahtava ja täynnä ihania tapahtumia. Oikein hyvää Uutta Vuotta 2018 kaikille! Warm thanks to all friends and collaborators for the past year, the year has been amazing and joyfyl. Happy New Year 2018! (31.12.2017, Henna Hurula, Amoureux Coton’s Kennel)


leo-hundmassa julius-hundmassa-seisoo

Swedish Winner Show SKK Stockholm 16.12.2017

My Beautiful Boy in his first Show, 9 months old. Amoureux Coton’s Julius Caesar ( Julius ) Is a New Sverige Junior-Winner 2017!

Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel  ”Leo” BB2, CAC, CACIB, new Swedish Champion

Thank you Judge: Tarjan Annamari. Hungary.


Helsinki Winner show 10.12.2017

I’m so proud of my boy ”Leo” Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ex, cq, BM 3 and CACIB

Judge: Allan David.


Our dog’s had a chance to be part of a (Muotikuu) Fashion show in Turku Finland.

(With the models: ”Saga” Amoureux Coton’s Claudia preciosa and ”Julius” Amoureux Coton’s Julius Cecare)

Thank you so much for the Muotikuu Oy for giving us  a chance to be part of the show, it was so much fun for us all!


Very handsome Coton  boy Milo, and owner & handler Marjut Nuutinen in Tampere Int.

Thank you so much for taking good care of him, and you have done so good in the dog shows!



Tampere 26.11.2017 INT Dog Show. (20 Cotons)

Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ” Leo ” BOB,CACIB and CAC. BIG 1.

First show just after when he had 2 year Birthday and he is now new Finnish Champion.

Thank you Judges: Birgit Seloy and Group Judge: Collins Marleene.



Tallinn-Narva 25.11.2017, Group show.

Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso. ”Saga”

Exc,Cq, BB1, BOB, CAC.

Became Estonian, Lithuanian and Finnish Champion.

Judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel.

Warm thanks and congrats to owner and handler Pia Aarnio!


Eckerö, Ahvenanmaa, Finland. 1.10.2017, International dog show

Kennel Amoureux Coton’s breedersgroup. BOB Breeder.

Handlers: Cecilia, Lotta, Pia, Henna



Official Dogs Character tests. 23.9.2017, Turku, Finland.

Fiona (cotonbrie Felicia)

Finnish kennel club’s Official Dogs character tests for our breeding female Fiona. Results were great! High points +108! I am so proud and happy! Tests were not easy at all for a dog.  Fiona is so lovely temperament, and passed the test so good. This is very good news for me and my mother as a Coton de Tulear  breeder. Thanks Judge; Irene Puputti and Auli Kiminki

More info about the official test in Finnish Kennel Clubs webpage.




Turku, Finland, all breed show 13.8

Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB and also BIG 3
Dimanche Cotton’s Rose’ BOS

It was so wonderful to win together with my mother Cecilia Kordelin-Hurula(breeder Dimanche cottons) Her dog Rose was BOS



Roadtrip to Lithuenia was a success. What a wonderfull weekend!

Three dog shows and results were as follows.

Druskinkai  4.8-.6.8.2017 ( 3 x int. dog show)

Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel 2x BOB 1x BOS 3 Cacib ja 3 CAC. Amoureux Coton’s Olivia 1 x BOB 1x res-Cacib ja 1 Cacib ja 1 CAC.

We have now two new Lithuenian champions!

Thank you judges: Viera Vitkova, Jose M Doval ja Maite Gonzales



Wonderfull Day 11.6.2017  for  Amoureux Coton’s kennel.

Int.Dog show Latvia. Judge: Ozan Belkis. Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel (Leo): BM 3, LATVIAN CAC.

Pietarsaari Finland Group show Judge: Gunilla Skalman. Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso (Saga)  BB1, BOS,CAC.

Warm thanks and gongrats to Leo’s handler Päivi Toivola, and Sagas’s owner and handler Pia Aarnio.



THE BEST WINNING COTON DE TULEAR PUPPY IN FINLAND 2016. 1 st Place. Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ”Leo”

This means the world to me as a Coton de Tulear breeder, and makes me so happy! I’m so proud of my little Leo!



Int.Dog show Moletai Lithuenia 26.5.2017

Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso (Saga)

Club Winner 2017 ja Jun-CAC.

Thank you owner and handler Piia Aarnio and warm gongrats!

Photo by Marjut Nuutinen
Photo by Marjut Nuutinen

Int. Dog show Hamina 21.5.2017

Amoureux Coton’s Étoile Eloy. (Milo)


Judge: Juha Putkonen

Thank you owner and handler Marjut Nuutinen and Huge gongrats!


Salo Group Show 13.5.2017

Amoureux Cotons’s Champions Lionel (Leo) :Ex,CQ,BM1 BOS+ CAC,Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso (Saga),Ex,CQ,BB2+CAC.Dimanche Cotton’s Amour Diamant(Vanu):Ex,CQ,BM2+RES-CAC.It was wonderful day.

Judge: Gordon Gault,Ireland.



Int. Dog Show ”Tallinn Winner 2017”

Saku Suurhall, Tallinn 08.04.2017 – 09.04.2017


Ex 1 CQ BM3 BJ Jun CERT.


Junior-BIS 3

Group 9. Judge: Olga Kupriyanova Sinko, Slovenia

Best junior. Judge Lois Wilson / South Africa


Tallinn Group Show 8.4.2017
Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso ”Saga”

Junior -Cac and BOS.

Congrats to Owner and handler Pia Aarnio!

Thank You Judge Joseph Zoijlmans


Lahti int. Dog show. 26.3.2017

Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso


Judge: Johan Juslin.

Thank you so much Owner and handler Pia Aarnio

(Photo by Marjut Nuutinen)

Jyväskylä, Puppy Show 25.3.2017

Milo (Amoureux Coton’s Étoile Eloy)


Thank you so much  and huge congratulations for the owner and handler Marjut Nuutinen.



Tallin, Estonia, Saku Suurhall. 11.3.2017

Amoureux Coton’s Olivia CAC+BOB and BIG 1!  Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOS+ junior-CAC and Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso. EXC. Amoureux Coton’s BOB Breeder.



Tallin, Estonia, Saku Suurhall. 12.3

Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel BOB+ junior-CAC, BIG 4. Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso BOS+jun-CAC. Amoureux Cotons Olivia CAC. Amoureux Coton’s BOB Breeder.


Tallin, Estonia 11.2

Leo (Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel)


Judge: Elisabetta De Luca

Tallin, Estonia 12.2
Saga (Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Precioso)


Judge: Karl Erik-Johansson.



Leo (Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel)

Turku Top Dog Show 22.1.2017


Judge: Tino Pehar



Leo (Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel)

Jyväskylä Int. Dog Show 13.11.2016



Leo (Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel)

Seinäjoki Int. Dog Show 22.10.2016


Judge: Tarmo Viirtelä


Leo (Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel)

Tuulos (Hämeenlinna) Group Show 2.9.2016.

Judge: Jari Partanen.

Leo VSP Köyliö

Leo (Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel)

Köyliö Group Show 13.8.2016. (First time in junior class.)



Leo (Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel) 3 x BOB-Puppy.

Kuopio INT Sawo-Show 5-7.8.2016, (Three dog shows)

Thank you judges:

Arne Foss, Sweden

Dimitris Antonopoulos, Greek

Baskaran Martin, Spain


Leo Rop pori

Leo ( Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ) BOB-Puppy

Pori 30.7.2016 international Dog show

Judge, Jean-Francois Vanaken, Belgium


leo rop pihtipudas

Leo (Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel) BOB Puppy

24.7.2016 in Pihtipudas Finland group show.

Judge: Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki.

olivia valio

Olivia ( Amoureux Coton’s Olivia ) two years old.
Became Finnish Champion 24.7.2016 in Pihtipudas Finland group show.
Thank you Judge: Pirjo Aaltonen


leo ROP pentu orivesi

Orivesi Kr. 16.7.2016

Amoureux Coton’s Champions Lionel ”Leo” BOB Puppy

Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

Saga Karjaa Vsp

Karjaa Group Show 3.7.2016

Amoureux Cotons Claudia Precioso ”Saga” BOS-puppy


raisio pentu rop

Raisio Group Show 18.6.2016

”Leo”  Amoureux Cotons Champions Lionel BOB-puppy and ”Saga” Amoureux Cotons Claudia Precioso BOS-puppy

Saga pentu vsp

Helsinki Tuomarinkylän vinttikoirarata, Pentunäyttely 29.5.2016

Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Preciosa BOS-puppy

parikisa 2

Helsinki 29.5.2016 Pentunäyttelyn parikilpailu

Amoureux Cotons Champions Lionel ”Leo” & Amoureux Coton’s Claudia Preciosa ”Saga”


22.8.2015 Kouvola Group Show

Amoureux coton’s Olivia ”Olivia”


15.8.2015 Raisio Group Show Amoureux coton’s Olivia Exc,CQ,BB1,CAC,BOS
15.8.2015 Raisio Group Show
Amoureux coton’s Olivia ”Olivia”


Mynämäki group show 2015 Amoureuxcoton's Olivia BB 1, EXC,CQ,CAC,BOB
Mynämäki group show 2015
Amoureuxcoton’s Olivia JUN 1, EXC,CQ,CAC,BOB


Karjaa group show 2013 Cotonbrie Felicia "Fiona" EXC,CQ, BB1,CAC,BOB,FIN champ.
Karjaa group show 2013 Cotonbrie Felicia ”Fiona” EXC,CQ, BB1,CAC,BOB,FIN champ.
Parainen group show 2013 Cotonbrie Felicia "Fiona" Exc,CQ,BB1,CAC,BOS.
Parainen group show 2013
Cotonbrie Felicia ”Fiona” Exc,CQ,BB1,BOS.
Sidus Henke Larsson " Gugi" Rauma group show 2012 EXC,CQ,BM1,CAC,BOS
Sidus Henke Larsson ” Gugi” Rauma group show 2012
mandi eckerö
Friendly Wachers Jamaica ”Mandi” Turku group show 2012, Exc,CQ,RES-CAC
friendly Wachers Jamaica "Mandi" ROP-Junior
Friendly Wachers Jamaica ”Mandi” ROP-Junior, 2011